Forensic Odontology Specialization Course

The specialization in Forensic Odontology is designed to provide practicing health professionals and all the professionals related with skills and experience in the field of forensic odontology. A forensic odontology qualification allows dentists to perform forensic examinations as required by law enforcement agencies, courts, or criminal policies. The specialization offers an emphasis on practical aspects of forensic odontology and an in-depth understanding of the correct professional handling, examination, interpretation, and presentation of dental and oral evidence which may come before the legal authorities. Forensic Odontologists provide an important service to the community in civil, criminal, labor and deontological jurisdictions. Before applying, prospective students should consider that the nature of the concepts and casework required are often confronting and may be distressing to some people.
This specialization is designed for practicing dentists who wish to gain experience in the professional field of forensic odontology, and for all professionals who are somehow related to the different areas of intervention of forensic odontology. They are professionals in the field of law, medicine, nursing, oral hygiene, and other areas that intervene in an interdisciplinary way. This specialization in the field of forensic odontology designed with a specified component for those professionals, will provide a technical-scientific training that allows them, within each professional area, to perform more appropriately in the field of forensic odontology.

With this specialization in Forensic Odontology, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dental Medicine thus continue their function of qualifying graduates and promoting research and specialized intervention in this area of knowledge, privileging interdisciplinary and biosocial intervention.

The Specialization Course is certified and managed by the Lisbon School of Medicine with the collaboration of the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Lisbon and the Faculty of Dental Medicine of Zagreb.

English is mandatory.
Portuguese is opcional.

For more information related to regulation and curricular structure and application requirements for the 2 edition 2023/2024, see the link:

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