Candidaturas 2024/2025

Concurso Especial de Acesso e Ingresso para Estudantes Internacionais nos cursos de licenciatura e de mestrado integrado

Candidaturas 2024/2025

Edital de Candidatura 2ª Fase
Edital de Colocação Mestrado Integrado Medicina Dentária
Edital de Colocação Licenciatura Higiene Oral
Edital de Colocação Licenciatura Prótese Dentária

Declaração de Honra

Applications 2024/2025

Special Admission Contest for Access and Admission for International Students in undergraduate and integrated master’s courses

Application Notice 2nd phase
Placement Notice Integrated Master’s Degree in Dental Medicine
Placement Notice Dental Hygiene
Placement Notice Dental Prosthesis Graduation

Declaration of honor

Foreign Languages Courses

The Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) offers various foreign languages courses, as well as Portuguese Language Courses for foreigners.
The focus on integration and promotion of cultural diversity is an important aspect of the education at ULisboa. That is why language courses are structured to promote learning that includes a cultural dimension. Contact your School for more information about the courses and the study environment.
Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the world, the 3rd European language of global expression and the 1st language of the Southern hemisphere. It is spoken by 250 million people (3.7% of world population) in 8 countries where it has the status of an official language. It is the most spoken language in the Southern hemisphere with a total of 217,341 million speakers.
It is the 6th most used language in the business world (Bloomberg ranking) and has a web presence of about 82 million users, It is the 3rd most spoken language on Facebook and the 4th on Twitter.


Portuguese Foreign Language at Instituto de Cultura e Língua Portuguesa of the School of Arts and Humanities
Portuguese Intensive Language Course (PILC)